Friday, October 15, 2010

Reflection for Semester 2-The Elderly Challenge

What have I learnt? 
I have learnt a lot of things, like 
Work safety; ensuring that people around me and I do not get hurt by some accidents they could have been prevented
Technical skills; like basics of drilling a hole, using a penknife, using glue gun, etc. 
How things are pieced together; the modelling part really makes me think, how does it work or even assembled together. Sometimes it reminds me that I need to observe how things work, especially complex mechanisms. How the parts are fitted so perfectly together is a question I see in every mechanism I come across. 
Managing a journal; the fact that it is used to document a process, the design process.
What difficulties have you encountered?
I have encountered many difficulties, like
How to raise the platform?
How to activate the lift?
What if the stick in between the lift is longer than expected and pokes the side of the basket?
Is the platform able to support some load? 
How heavy can the platform/lift support?
How do you overcome them?
By doing some measurements of approximately how heavy are a few cans of food
E.g   3kg approximately
By doing some research and seeking help from people who have some background knowledge of technical stuff/engineering

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