Friday, September 24, 2010

Reflection - Prototype

1. Some problems I encountered is when Kai Chek told me that in order to raise the scissor lift I need a hydraulic system which would require a huge amount of space. I was initially quite puzzled and worried that my product is not feasible. Other than that there must be some allowance of space for the scissor lift to fold and the motor to reside.

2. I did some research and found out that scissor lifts can also be lifted using pneumatic (air) ways or mechanical (motor/battery) ways. For the second problem I need to reserve some space for the scissor lift to fold and the motor. So in my design considerations I will need to include that.

3. Two key takeaways for this lesson is the use of qualitative or quantitative testing for the prototype. The other takeaway is regarding the design considerations. Creating the prototype will allow us to have a deeper view of the difficulties or considerations about the product.

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