Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ergonomics I

1. The first workplace is very messy, and the table is not organized well such as not enough space. The second workplace is well managed, clean and tidy. The first workplace seems to irritate the person who is using it, while the second workplace gives the person working there a very tidy and organized feeling (they feel good working there).

2. The second workplace is preferred. The second workplace is tidy and well suited for long periods of sitting there. The desk is very spacious. The other workplace is cramped and messy.

3. The tidy workplace makes a person feel very comfortable due to ergonomically designed products. Ergonomic studies means the study of people's efficiency in their environment. Therefore the person will feel very comfortable because the products are strategically designed to suit the person's postures.

4. Ergonomics is important because it can affect the worker's attitude towards going to work. They feel good and comfortable.

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